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Landing Strip Floor Mats from Comfortex

36"x70" Burgundy: Item #102245-36B

36"x70" Gray: Item #102245-36G

24"x70" Burgundy: Item #102245-24B

24"x70" Gray: Item #102245-24G

Only 1 inch thick with tapered-to-the-floor edging.  Prevents tripping and permits carts, chairs and tables to roll over easily.
A blend of ultra-high-density core foams.  When covered, cheaper cores may look the same…but won’t perform the same.
Heavy duty vinyl cover, bonded to provide greater impact distribution. Helps transfer the force of a falling patient into and across the surface.
Non-slip vinyl base. Prevents slipping away from the bedside.

Sealed construction. Wipes clean to protect appearance and performance.

The Landing Strip Difference

Floor Mat Cores
Some injury prevention floor mats are constructed with a vinyl covered, EVA cross-linked closed cell foam. This material does not come close to the density of the high compression re-bond material used in the Comfortex Landing Strip floor mats. The Landing Strip uses an extremely high density, 9 lb. core material. EVA foams, which are used by Posey, Skil-care, Tendercare make bedside floor mats lighter and cheaper but they fail to absorb impact forces like the Landing Strip (test data is view-able at www.prevent-injuries.com )

Cover Construction
The Industrial grade, re-enforced vinyl cover materials on the Landing Strip are also bonded to the core material to promote the lateral disbursement of impact energy. Testing done by the TUV confirmed the Landing Strips ability to absorb impact and de-accelerate the falling object, better than much thicker mats. The way Comfortex laminates and heat-seals fabrics to the core creates a smooth, trip-resistant surface. The non-bonded and sewn-on covers rise up, especially with foldable mats, creating small but potentially dangerous trip hazards for both patients & staff.

Unified vs Folding
The Landing Strip has no seams for folding as it is constructed to remain in place 24/7. Even in emergency evacuations, beds roll over it easily. A mat that invites folding for removal and storage has less chance of being in place to catch the falling resident. The Landing Strip is favored by infection control as it doesnt have folds which can also harbor moisture, soil, germs etc. Toes or wheels can get caught in folds. A seam or fold also tends to be a weak link in construction where a tear or opening eventually occurs.

Our beveled edge sits flush with the floor, the competitive products beveled edges often sit as high as 1/2”- 3/4” off the floor. This negates the purpose of the design and presents a tripping hazard.

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