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Veriflex™ Wet Area Safety Fall Mat

Item # 109052-01MC, 109028-01CS, 109030-01CS, 109041-01CS, 109028-01PK, 109030-01PK, 109041-01EA


Veriflex™ is designed specifically for wet areas to help reduce the likelihood and seriousness of injury from a fall.

Unique Features:

  • Slip-resistant top surface helps to reduce patient and staff falls
  • The flexible shock absorbing design helps to reduce the seriousness of injury as the result of a fall
  • Design allows for water to flow through and around the mat to the drain with little resistance 
  • Air can also flow freely so the mat can dry, limiting the ability of bacteria and fungi to grow
  • Infused with nanosilver to limit bacterial and fungi growth (Antibacterial & Antifungal)
  • Modular design allow for a custom fit in most shower
  • Beveled edge allow easy access for shower chairs and lifts 
  • 1- Year limited Warranty

Download the Plan Sheet Calculator to determine how many Veriflex tiles you will need.

Download the Veriflex™ Safe Disinfectant List to see what safe disinfectants are suggested to be use.

Download the Veriflex Instructions to help assist you in building your shower mat.

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