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24″ FLATMAT Bedside Fall Mat

Item # 107350

NEW 3-Dimensional 2-Color design looks like a rug to create a more “home like” environment.

The FLATMAT® strikes the perfect balance between stability and impact absorption. The FLATMAT® is manufactured using a proprietary elastomeric foam that is fluid and stain resistant with the following characteristics:


FLATMAT Features:

• Ultra Low Profile (About 3/4″ High) is Less of a Trip Hazard.

• 4-Color Options (Original Warm Gray, Sharkskin, Cabernet & Ocean Breeze)

• Meets 16 CFR 1630 Fire Standard.

• Anti-Bacterial to Resist Mold, Mildew, Stains & Odors.

• Unique Slide-Stop™ Material on the Bottom Keeps the FLATMAT in Place.

• Distinctive Top Texture looks like a rug and is Skid Resistant


The unique design incorporates a stable low profile bedside mat with beveled edges to reduce the likelihood of tripping. The FLATMAT® is available in two sizes, 24″x70″ and 36″x70″. The bottom of the FLATMAT® features an exceptional non-slip material called Slide-Stop™ to keep the mat in place on all surfaces. The top surface is made of a heavy-duty vinyl that is easy to clean, while the distinctive pattern is slip resistant and looks like a rug.

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